Motion Picture Glass Inc. supplies fabricated aluminum gimbal windows and storefront doors along with textured glass.
We have a full selection of textured glass to meet all of your needs. We carry Antiqued, Cross Reeded, Floral, Frosted, Pebble Reeded, Rippled Seeded, Swirled, Textured, Unique, Water, Ribbed Amber, Bamboo, Colored and Shaded, as well as many other styles. If you need a certain style that is not shown on the page, please give us a call. To view larger images of the textured glass below, place your mouse over the image to get an expanded view.
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Textured Glass Northridge

Tempered Glass is safety glass that has been toughened by controlled heat treatment or chemical treatment.  Because of its strength, tempered glass is used for shower doors, glass doors, glass tables and passenger car windows in Northridge.  It is stronger than normal or float glass and when it breaks it crumbles into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards.  Tempered glass is safer than float glass when broken. 

In Northridge tempered glass is also used to make strong sturdy tables. The glass can be notched, mitered, beveled, grooved and sandblasted.  Custom design and custom fabrication are easily accommodated.  If you would like a high end, elegant bathroom, custom designed, then tempered glass may play its role in your Northridge production..

Textured Glass in Northridge

Textured Glass is also known as architectural glass. This interior glass is available in a wide variety of textures, designs, decorative patterns and colors for your Northridge film or TV show. It is an ideal set glass for cabinet doors, cabinet windows and for the times where you want to have an obscured view or view of privacy. Clear textured set glass comes in a variety of different textures that will help you create the look, feel, movement and other characteristics that your producer, director and cast members want for the Northridge scene.

See our Northridge gallery of textured glass pictures, all designed to meet your glass needs and requirements..

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