Motion Picture Glass Inc. supplies fabricated aluminum gimbal windows and storefront doors along with textured glass.
Gimbal Frame Northridge

Motion Picture Glass Northridge is the largest supplier of Gimbal frames and Gimbal windows and set glass for Northridge productions. The Gimbal sub frame comes in several sizes to give the look requested for a perimeter frame in the window openings. We offer 1" x 3" - 1" x 4" - 1 3/4" x 4" in our standard colors which are clear anodized and dark bronze. We are flexible to your needs; any painted color or anodized color is available as well.

The Gimbal window is a small perimeter frame that is able to rotate left to right or top to bottom. This allows the window to turn or tilt so the reflection is not an issue for the camera shot. These Gimbal windows are almost mandatory when there is glass in a shooting area. Gimbal windows eliminate light reflection as well. You simply function the window and look for the reflection to go away upon changing the window position. We have made these windows in a single pane as large as 8' x 12'. We also make a frameless Gimbal in Northridge that has no vertical frame. This system will allow the glass to look as a frameless glass wall and have the option to gimbal and lose the reflection.

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