Motion Picture Glass Inc. supplies fabricated aluminum gimbal windows and storefront doors along with textured glass.

Float Glass

Motion Picture Glass offers a wide variety of clear, tinted and reflective glass, in a variety of thicknesses that can be cut to size as needed. Lead time on standard float glass is 24-48 hours depending on the time of day the material is ordered. The glass can be provided as annealed(raw) or tempered(safety) with specified edge work as requested. Standard edges provided are Flat polished, Pencil polished and up to 1" Beveled edges within the same 24-48 hour lead time. While the OG, Triple OG, Triple Bevel, Double Bevel and Convex edges require an additional lead time can be provided as well.

Flat Glass

Single Strength (1/16")

Double Strength (1/8") clear, bronze, gray, graylite#31, solex 2, solex

3/16" clear

1/4" clear, bronze, gray, graylite#2 e#2, solex, blue, green, aqualite

3/8" clear, bronze, gray

1/2" clear, bronze gray

Reflective Glass

5/32" solar cool bronze reflective

1/4" solar cool bronze, gray reflective

1/4" mirror pane (two-way mirror)


1/8" clear, safety backed

3/16" clear

1/4" clear, bronze, gray, low iron (starphire), green, blue, black

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Float Glass Northridge

Set Glass Northridge

Float Glass - Film Glass – Television Studio Glass – Movie Glass

Motion Picture Glass Northridge is able to provide for all your glass needs related to your film, television show or music video. We are able to recommend and help with creative designs so that you are able to accomplish your film or digital goals in Northridge.

In Northridge we have been called upon to provide float glass (also known as flat glass) to break for explosions as we did in Transformers, breaking window glass in the Terminator and building beautiful glass walls for Star Trek. We also built an entire airport setting with background glass walls, foreground glass walls, as well as large storefront doors that the camera is able to see clearly through without capturing reflections, as we did in The Terminal. In Northridge do you need strong, safe Tempered Glass for a long conference table, a dining glass table or a custom one of kind glass desk? If you can see it, think it and draw it, we can make it for your Northridge production.

Float Glass Northridge
Float glass is also known as “annealed glass” because it is not tempered – it has not been heat strengthened. Float glass can be cut, machined, edged and polished, whatever your requirements are in Northridge. Float glass is considered hazardous in some of our applications because when it breaks, it breaks into large, jagged shards that may cause serious injuries.

Float Glass has many uses and it comes in a variety of colors. Float glass may be needed as part of your Northridge set appliances (refrigerator glass), storefronts, shelving, skylights, tabletops and household aquariums. You might want a translucent glass, an ultra clear glass or one that is an opaque color, light green color or we can even create a special color of your choice.

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